PFA (People For Animals)

People for Animals (PFA) is the largest animal welfare group of India with 26 hospitals, 15 units, 60 mobile units and 2.5 lakh members across the country.

The group is known for running animal shelters, providing ambulance services, sterilization, rehabilitation and treatment to the animals. It is also focused on disaster rescue and emergency rescue of the animals. Led by Alpana Bhartia, the founder of PFA, it intends to open an animal welfare center in every district of the country.

PFA is also recognized for lobbying for animal issues on different levels like education, sensitization and legislation. It strives to bring about an environmental and animal friendly legislation. It works for the protection of the animals and promotes vegetarianism. The group also works against animal cruelty.

It is working tirelessly to have a government funded cow shelter in every municipality in the country. The group is against animal sacrifice and regulates transport of animals in a humane manner. It also runs an anti-leather campaign and an animal birth control program.

PFA has been working diligently to end the miseries of animals under the guidance of Alpana Bhartia. Their trained rescue teams are always available on-call. They are alert and ready to help any animal in danger. They use innovative ideas and different mediums to save various animals before bringing them to their animal shelter house. They assess the situation over the phone, and send a specialized rescue team for different type of animals.

The rescuers are called for different reasons, such as Injury to an animal due to human interaction, cruelty, loss of habitat, accidents due to multiple reasons, separation from social group, shock or trauma, climate change and attack by other animals or different species.

Normally, the most rescued animals include dogs, cats, horses, etc. However, there are many other animals rescued by their team, who are subjected to cruelty and need emergency treatment and care.