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PfA Bangalore’s Pet Cemetery: A Place To Bid Goodbye To Your Munchkin

There’s a special place to say ‘goodbye’ to your recently departed munchkin. ‘People for Animals’ Bangalore chapter offers bereaved the service of burying their dead pets. Established by Alpana Bhartia, Arushi Poddar, Gauri Maini Hira, and Namrata Dugar, People for Animals (PfA) Bangalore is an animal rights organization that takes care of animals in distress.

PfA’s cemetery is located adjacent to the BGS Hospital in Kengeri. Here, you can bury your pet for Rs 4,500. This is a regular burial where your pet will be honorably lowered in an unmarked grave. For Rs 18,000, you can have a small platform on your pet’s grave. Spending Rs 7,000 more, for a cost of Rs 25,000, you can get a bigger platform with a headstone that bears your pet’s name and picture.

The funds raised by these burials are used to support PfA’s activities involving search and rescue of distressed animals, rehabilitation of recovering animals, and fighting against animal cruelty.

The view of the cemetery can be overwhelming to a lot of people. Grieving pet owners come to the grave of their pets to celebrate birthdays, and important events related to the pet or the owner’s life. They make offerings of biscuits, flower, food, sometimes even alcohol to the grave and talk their heart out.

People mostly bury their dogs and cats, but there have been burials of rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, mice, even fish. More than 1,500 burials have been registered in seven years.

Animals are first taken out of their suffering situations by the rescue team. They are pacified and sedated, then taken to the vet. There, the health of the animal is analyzed and wounds are patched up. As the animal recovers, they are de-stressed with toys, clothing and a comfortable accommodation.

Alpana Bhartia says that there’s a special memorial sponsorship facility available for the animal lovers. During their pet’s death and birth anniversary, the pet owners are given a chance to take care of the animals at PfA. “It’s a lightening experience for the heartbroken pet owners as they get to relive the moments with their pets that they miss,” explains Alpana Bhartia.

PfA Bangalore was established in 1996. Since its foundation day, more than 20,000 animals have been rescued by PfA. During their conservational assignments, the PfA volunteers follow the four Rs: Rescue, Recovery, Rehabilitation, and Release. The organization is licensed by Karnataka Forest Department and recognized by the Central Zoo Authority of India.


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