How Organizations Like PFA Are Campaigning For The Welfare of Animals

The plight of animals can be blamed on ignorance, and lack of proper legislation concerning animal cruelty. Deforestation has destroyed the homes of many wild animals. Loss of habitant has resulted in the extinction of various animals, while others have been deprived of food and shelter. The situation is getting worse with every day, but there is a still a ray of hope for them.

Over the years, a number of animal-welfare organizations have come up to end their sufferings in India. Organizations like People for Animals, India’s largest animal welfare organization, are doing a fine job. PFA has a nationwide network of hospitals, rescuers, shelters, ambulance services, treatment camps and sterilization programs. Headed by Alpana Bhartia, it has made contributions to promote animal-related issues.

One such example of promoting and campaigning for the welfare of animals recently took place in Thiruvananthapuram, wherein a 6-month old baby elephant was quarantined instead of sending it back to the herd. This is when Sreedevi S Kartha, an activist of PFA came to the forefront and launched a campaign, naming it ‘Give Ponnunni His World Back’. The baby elephant was brought to Kottur Elephant Rehabilitation Centre after its mother was found dead.


Ms Kartha visited the rehabilitation centre to see the baby elephant, along with Latha Indira, the trustee of PFA. She highlighted the issue on social networking sites and flagged off a campaign for ‘Ponnunni‘. She warned the authorities about the well-being of baby elephant, and requested them to send him back to the herd, before he succumbs like any other animal.

This is not the first time that the activists of PFA have highlighted the plight of animals and raised the campaign to create awareness about their sufferings. The founder of this welfare organization Alpana Bhartia has often played a big role to save a number of animals from abuse, cruelty, physical violence and sufferings. The organization has produced books and expert guides on animal care and related issues. Apart from this, they have conducted several programs across the country to put an end to the vicious cycle of ill-treatment of animals.

The efforts made by these organizations cannot be ignored. But, the need of the hour is to collectively recognize the sufferings of these creatures to make their life beautiful.

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