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Animal shelters doing a commendable work, reckons Alpana Bhartia, a member of PFA

We often ignore the sufferings of animals, who are repeatedly bearing the brunt of our careless attitude towards Nature. Alpana Bhartia, a member of PFA (People for Animals) NGO, which works for the rescue and rehabilitation of animals and birds, says that it is our responsibility to end the sufferings and miseries of these animals.

At present, a lot of animals are being injured and tortured frequently. People are using them in circuses, putting them in cages and using them for their own benefit. But, in recent times, there has been a rise in the number of organizations which have come forward to help these animals. A member of one such organization, Alpana Bhartia is happy with the efforts put in by animal shelters across the country and hopes that they continue to put in the hard yards.

Animal shelters and NGOs across the country have been running a number of campaigns across India to educate people about the malpractices against animals and birds. A lot of seminars are conducted in various cities to bring this issue to the fore.

Apart from spreading awareness, these NGOs are actively rescuing injured animals, and ensuring their complete rehabilitation. Sometimes our own activities are causing injuries to these animals. But organizations like PFA have changed the scenario to quite an extent.

However, there are some issues faced by these rescuers themselves. One cannot overlook the need of funds. The requirement of funds keeps increasing with every day, and it is very important for these shelters to arrange money in advance. According to Alpana Bhartia, apart from funds, one of the major issues faced by these shelters is the continuity of volunteers. The network of volunteers keeps changing, as majority of them move on with their lives after spending some time with the organization.

In spite of all these problems, these organizations are doing a commendable job. A lot of animals are treated by these shelters daily. They have shared phone numbers for emergency cases and have their own network of logistics to bring these distressed and injured animals to the shelters.

Alpana Bhartia, an active member of PFA, believes that the network of these shelters can expand if people come forward and lend a helping hand to these NGOs for the betterment of our society.

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